Sunday, 30 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Crashed CH-46 Sea Knight object

Can be used for making movies or DYOM missions.

Download Link:

Guns Guns Guns

BF3 Weapons. Some of these aren't converted to GTA SA by anyone yet.

Download Link:

Pack contains:
Frag Grenade
M15 Anti-Tank mine
MP7 BF3 version
MP-412 REX
Remington 870 MCS

Sunday, 28 October 2012

[REL] AK-47 from GTA V Trailer (HQ)

Finally I've finished it.
I made it look very similar to the one in GTA V trailer:
-Dark green body texture
-Silencer texture HQ
-RIS Rail top mount
-Folding stock and butt
The muzzle flash is removed because it's silenced, thanks to Rudi057 for helping me with this a little bit (:

The original:

Friday, 28 September 2012

[REL] Knives

One is from COD4, and the other one is from MW2 which is throwing knife.

Download Link:

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Save The P.O.T.U.S. Trailer

Subscribe to my channel you like it. Hope it gets a plenty of views eventually.

Release date is my birthday so watching it, liking or subscribing will be the best present from you.

[REL] ACR, TMP and Desert Eagle

Some requests.

Download Link:

Saturday, 15 September 2012

[REL] Call Of Duty 4 Weapons Pack

Starting weapon loadout from every mission of COD4.

Download Link:


-G36C with Tasco Red Dot Sight
-USP .45
Crew Expendable
-MP5 Suppressed
-USP .45

Act I
-M21 Ghillied Suppressed
Charlie Don't Surf
The Bog
-M4A1 Grenadier
-M1911 .45
War Pig
-M4A1 Grenadier
Shock and Awe
-M4A1 Grenadier
-M1911 .45

Act II
All Ghillied Up
-M21 Suppressed
-USP .45 Suppressed
One Shot, One Kill
-M249 SAW
The Sins of The Father
-M1911 .45

Ultimatum, All in & No Fight in the War Room
-USP .45 Suppressed
Game Over
-M1911 .45

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

[REL] Modern Warfare 2 SCAR-H w/ Shotgun and RDS

From mission 'Wolverines!'

Download Link:

[REL] Snow Ghillie Suit V2

Fixed version of this

Download Link:

[REL] SCAR-H Suppressed w/ HB Sensor and Grip

Okay guys, here is my first ever weapon convert. I had problems with this before but big thanks to rudi057 for helping me out. I really appreciate that.

Download Link:


Arctic Camo (requested by Frozzen)

Friday, 7 September 2012

[REL] SCAR-L w/ Silencer & AK-47 w/ ACOG and Silencer - Red Camo

Requested by cell who seems to be a silent assassin :> Reskins by me and models are converted by Salva.

Download Link:

Thursday, 16 August 2012

GTA SA | COD4 - All Ghillied Up | HD - 1080p

[REL] Sniper - Desert Ghillie Suit V2 + M21 Scoped - Ghillied Desert camo

So here, we opened a new sniper clan in SA-MP. And I was asked to make an official skin. The skin is rigged by Mcmillan141 and M21 converted by Paul98. All reskins by me. Specially for [STS] Sniper Task Support. It's better than my old macmillan desert skin, it perfectly blends with the desert.

Download Link:

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

[REL] M200 Intervention with Thermal Scope + Thermal Scope Mod

Install it in the same way as my previous crosshair mods but this time you don't have to replace anything with TXD Workshop. Also attached a thermal scope to Intervention (which is converted by Salva), same as in MW2 mission "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday".

If you still get some problems feel free to ask me in the chat box.

Download Link:

a little preview

Saturday, 11 August 2012

[REL] Modern Warfare 2 and 3 Weapons pack

back from a little inactivity, hehehe ;D

This pack contains weapons which are used by main characters in MW2 and MW3, not by the player. Weapons are converted by Salva and some of them (MP5K, M16A4, MK46) by paul98...attachments added by me bla bla bla

Download Link:

Pack contains:

Cpl. Dunn
SCAR-H with Thermal Scope - Every mission

Cpt. Mactavish
AK47 - Cliffhanger
M4A1 with foregrip - most of mission
M4A1 with M203 and Red Dot Sight - The Gulag
MP5K Silenced with Red Dot Sight - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

M4A1 with foregrip - Takedown, The Hornest's Nest, The Gulag
MP5K Silenced with Red Dot Sight - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

M4A1 with M203 and ACOG - Loose Ends (randomly generated)

M4A1 with M203 - Endgame
SCAR-H silenced with thermal scope - Just Like Old Times

M4A1 with M203 and Red Dot Sight - Loose Ends (randomly generated)

SEALs  in The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday
Avatar and Zach - MP5K Silenced
Neon and Robot - M4A1 Silenced, foregrip

Sgt. Foley
SCAR-H with M203 - Every Mission

M4A1 with foregrip - Black Tuesday
M4A1 with M203 - Goalpost, Bag and Drag, Scorched Earth, Down the rabbit hole
M16A4 with M203 - Iron Lady
MP5 silenced with foregrip and RDS - Hunter Killer

M4A1 with M203 - Bag and Drag
MP5 silenced with foregrip and RDS - Hunter Killer

M4A1 with foregrip - Black Tuesday, Down The Rabbit Hole
M4A1 with M203 - Iron Lady
MK46 - Scorched Earth

AK-47 with Red Dot Sight - Back On The Grid
M4A1 with M203 - Persona Non Grata, Return to Sender, Blood Brothers
M4A1 with Red Dot Sight and foregrip - Down the Rabbit Hole
MP5 Silenced w/ Iron sight - Stronghold

AK-47 with Red Dot Sight - Back On The Grid
M4A1 with M203 - Return to Sender

MK46 with Hybrid sight, foregrip and silencer - Dust to Dust

Sgt. Wallcroft and Cpl. Griffen
MP5 Silenced w/ Iron sight - Mind The Gap

Monday, 30 July 2012

[Trailer] "Mafia Work" Intro Trailer [SAMP] [HD]

Check this out. Me and my friends are making a new thriller about Mafia things. Here is an intro for it. Estimated date of release is unknown. Subscribe if you want (:

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

[REL] Silenced weapons fix

Well I removed muzzle flashes from (almost) all my previous silenced weapons mods, except MP5 from Mind the Gap. So it looks more realistic.

BIG Thanks to Rudi057, for telling me how to remove the muzzle flashes :)

Download Link:

Pack contains:
M4A1 Silenced, RDS + m203 (MW2 Weapons pack, from The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday)
MW3 M4 Silenced with RDS
MP5K Silenced with RDS (MW2 Weapons pack, from Enemy of my Enemy)
MP5 Silenced, RDS with foregrip from Stronghold 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

[REL] MW3 Sniper Scope Mod V2

V2 of this. It's incompatible (means it won't work) with any other interface mods. Read readme document carefully to know how to install it for your modded sniper rifle.

If you have problems with installing, ask me in the chatbox.

Download Link:

Random pic:

[REL] MP5 from Stronghold with foregrip, RDS & suppressor

Recently playing MW3 I've noticed that MP5 in "Stronghold" has a foregrip. That's why I've added it to MP5 from william's MW3 weaps pack which is converted by Salva.

FIXED VERSION without muzzle flash:

Download Link:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

[REL] M4A1 with M203 - Sandman's

You can see it in Price's and Soap's hands in Return to Sender and in Persona Non Grata, also Sandman and Truck hold it in every mission. Made the sight smaller so it looks more like in mw3 unlike the big sight in mw2. Body credits go to Salva.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

[REL] MiG-29 Fulcrum Desert camouflage from COD4

Model credits go to SkylineGTRFreak. You can see this mig in the mission "The Coup". It replaces shamal tho, if you install it for hydra it'll make your game crash.

Download Link:

Monday, 9 July 2012

[REL] Modern Warfare 2 Task Force 141 Driver

A texture of driver from "Takedown" mission. Model is rigged by Salva. Textures of skin converted by me.

Download Link:

Sunday, 8 July 2012

[REL] Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Pack

All body models credits: Salva. MP5K and M14 EBR converted by paul98. I added attachments, reskin and stuff.

Download Link:

P.S. Some pics of weapons might look weird without some parts but that's only because I failed at making them transparent in the photoshop to put them on another background. They all are alright.

Pack Contains:
ACR Grenadier with ACOG - Takedown
ACR Grenadier with Holographic sight - Loose Ends
M4A1 Grenadier - No Russian
M4A1 Grenadier with Red Dot Sight - The Gulag
M4A1 M203 w/ holographic sight - Team player, Of Their Own Accord, Second Sun, Whiskey Hotel
M4A1 suppressed, M203 with RDS - The Only Easy Day... Way Yesterday
M14 EBR Silenced Desert Camo - The Enemy of my Enemy
M14 EBR Silenced Snow Camo - Contingency
MP5KSD Silenced with RDS - The Enemy of my Enemy
SCAR-H Red Dot Sight with shotgun - Wolverines!
SCAR-H with Red Dot Sight - Exodus
UMP45 with ACOG - The Hornet's Nest

FIXED VERSIONS for silenced MP5KSD and M4A1 from The Only Easy Day... Way Yesterday without muzzle flash: