Saturday, 30 June 2012

[REL] Modern Warfare 3 AK-47 2 versions - Persona Non Grata

Body credits go to Salva. Attachments added by me. Two versions - RDS and ACOG which can be seen in MW3 mission Persona Non Grata.

[REL] MW2 M4A1 Grenadier w/ holographic sight - Second Sun

Can be seen in MW2 mission "Second Sun". I took some attachments from paul98's M4 and attached them on Salva's M4.

Download Link:

Sunday, 24 June 2012

[REL] MP5 Suppressed w/ Holosight + Silenced Sound - Mind the Gap

Model credits go to Salva. I added attachments, this MP5 can be seen "Mind the Gap" MW3 mission. Sound by me (original sound by Infinity Ward). It sounds good, no bugs.

Download Link:


Monday, 18 June 2012

[REL] Delta Team Shadow company attire

Made to request. Models are rigged by salva and skyline. Reskined them and made Truck's skin darker.

Download Link:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

[REL] M200 Cheytac Intervention sound - silenced

My first sound mod ;) This sound is from MW2 - gun shot and reload. Sounds a bit weird but it's only because I overloaded my game with different sounds (I have rustler sound when I shoot with a minigun xD)
If anyone doesn't know how to install sounds, search on Google for some tutorials.
Read .txt document carefully.

Download Link:

and here is a little pre-view video

The model I used in the video is converted by.........Salva.

[REL] MW2 Loose Ends - Actual Roach skin

Well, in Loose Ends mission you can see the real body of roach in the end. He has snow pants and snow gear o_0 dark vest, and another pair of snow arms behind his back LoL (it's a bug). I've put some ghost's and scarecrow's snow textures on the skin, reskined the pants and reskined the gloves so they are green like in Loose Ends. Well you can't see his helmet so I've put snow one on him....Oh yea and model is rigged by Salva.

Download Link:

[REL] MW2 TF141 Snow Soldier V2

I converted that jacket texture from MW2 and model is rigged by Salva.

Download Link:

Friday, 15 June 2012

[REL] MW3 M4A1 Grenadier w/ ACOG

That M4 appears in missions "Return to sender" and "Goalpost"

Model converted by Salva.

Download Link:

[REL] MW3 M4A1 - Standart version

I had nothing to do. It's a standart M4 without any high-tech sights or grenade launchers, just a normal M4. I only edited salva's mw3 m4 and added iron sight on it. In MW3 you can see that rifle in Sandman's and Truck's hands.

Download Link:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

[REL] Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) Pack - Grenadier - Attachments - Camos

Sup. Here is the huge ACR pack. It's like my SCAR-H pack but more attachments and camos. List of contents:

Download Link:

ACR with ACOG sight 
ACR with Iron sight 
ACR with Holographic sight 
ACR with Red Dot Sight 
ACR with Hybrid (Magnified) sight 

Original textures

P.S. every version has a grenade launcher on it ;)

P.S.S. I took these sights from william's kennedy recent barret m468 pack so some credits go to him.

Pictures of completed work:

Thursday, 7 June 2012

[REL] ACR Arctic camo from "Cliffhanger" mission

I tried but failed at converting the HB sensor so I just extracted the textures from MW2 and put 'em on Salva's ACR. These are real textures from ACR which was in MW2 mission "Cliffhanger".

Download Link:

[REL] Roach from "Cliffhanger"

Model rigged by Salva. I took some of the textures of snow Ghost and vest from MW2. Also reskined the gloves so it looks like in MW2.

Download Link:

[REL] MW Style Fonts

The only letter that has a bug is "W".

Download Link:

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

[REL] COD MW Sniper Scope V1

It's a sniper scope mod. You can put it on any sniper rifle mod you have. I took Dalva's custom sniper scope mod and edited a bit. Now it looks like in Call of Duty: MW. It has day and night visions. Read readme if you want to know how to install it for your sniper mod. It looks a bit curve but I'll try to fix that in a next version.

Note: You cannot use this mod if you have installed zone text mod, mod which shows percentage of your health or any other cleo mods which are something to do with interface. Crosshair just won't appear.

If you have problems with installing, ask me in the chatbox.

Download Link:

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

[REL] Snow Roach & Rook, Desert Ghost

Original models are rigged by Salva. I took some textures from snow scarecrow and ghost.

Download Link:

[REL] Grinch and Truck - more MW3 look like V2

I updated that a bit. Added parts of Sandman's textures and now it's more look like.

Download Link:

Monday, 4 June 2012