Sunday, 28 October 2012

[REL] AK-47 from GTA V Trailer (HQ)

Finally I've finished it.
I made it look very similar to the one in GTA V trailer:
-Dark green body texture
-Silencer texture HQ
-RIS Rail top mount
-Folding stock and butt
The muzzle flash is removed because it's silenced, thanks to Rudi057 for helping me with this a little bit (:

The original:


  1. Midway, I need your help ... if you can make the texture "GIGN with Favela skin". please help me, ok!

  2. It's great! Can i release it on my webforum with your credits? Say yes,please...

  3. Hey Midway want some updates? Well here it is This blog is a stealer's blog I saw your AK and some other mods made by some other cool Modders please tell whoever the owner's of the mods in the Stealer's blog that their mods are Stolen by This Jerk!