Sunday, 8 July 2012

[REL] Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Pack

All body models credits: Salva. MP5K and M14 EBR converted by paul98. I added attachments, reskin and stuff.

Download Link:

P.S. Some pics of weapons might look weird without some parts but that's only because I failed at making them transparent in the photoshop to put them on another background. They all are alright.

Pack Contains:
ACR Grenadier with ACOG - Takedown
ACR Grenadier with Holographic sight - Loose Ends
M4A1 Grenadier - No Russian
M4A1 Grenadier with Red Dot Sight - The Gulag
M4A1 M203 w/ holographic sight - Team player, Of Their Own Accord, Second Sun, Whiskey Hotel
M4A1 suppressed, M203 with RDS - The Only Easy Day... Way Yesterday
M14 EBR Silenced Desert Camo - The Enemy of my Enemy
M14 EBR Silenced Snow Camo - Contingency
MP5KSD Silenced with RDS - The Enemy of my Enemy
SCAR-H Red Dot Sight with shotgun - Wolverines!
SCAR-H with Red Dot Sight - Exodus
UMP45 with ACOG - The Hornet's Nest

FIXED VERSIONS for silenced MP5KSD and M4A1 from The Only Easy Day... Way Yesterday without muzzle flash:

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