Sunday, 14 April 2013

Battlefield 3 XBOW Scoped (Crossbow)

This one made me work on it hard.

The front parts might not look identical to the XBOW in BF3 because it was ripped into pieces and I had to put parts together, and the wires were all messed up. What Im saying is - I had to turn that:
 Into that:


  1. OMG Wow very very good :D .Interested an F-18 with the skin Midway Mods?

  2. no sounds,huh ?
    it's very sexy...the sound is the problem...

  3. The XBOW is an improvised crossbow appearing in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath ... The XBOW Scoped, with a PKS-07 equipped, is awarded by the Go Play Close .crossbow scopes