Wednesday, 6 June 2012

[REL] COD MW Sniper Scope V1

It's a sniper scope mod. You can put it on any sniper rifle mod you have. I took Dalva's custom sniper scope mod and edited a bit. Now it looks like in Call of Duty: MW. It has day and night visions. Read readme if you want to know how to install it for your sniper mod. It looks a bit curve but I'll try to fix that in a next version.

Note: You cannot use this mod if you have installed zone text mod, mod which shows percentage of your health or any other cleo mods which are something to do with interface. Crosshair just won't appear.

If you have problems with installing, ask me in the chatbox.

Download Link:


  1. i dont know how to do it with TXD workshop

    can you please give me a link to download a skin ready to use please ??

  2. have you got a modded sniper rifle or an original one?

  3. i have a modded one

    but i lost it because i didn't see the note about it

    can you give me to a modded rifle work with this mod please ?

  4. what rifle mod have you got?

  5. hello i downloaded this mod but i cant find the "SNIPERcrosshair.png" file. where is it