Monday, 30 April 2012

[REL] SAS Urban Camouflage

OK, here is a SAS pack from CoD4 MW with urban camo. I really don't know who converted the models.

Download Link:


  1. Hi, can U tell me where can i get the animation that your using? Can U tell me pls, i want it so mucchhhh :D
    I'll really appreciate it, and if it is urs, u can count on me, im not a mod stealer, i dont mod mods, i use them :D

  2. Sorry they are not mine. They are by my friend [COD5]Frost but he is not releasing mods any more because of stealers.

  3. Of his, i downloaded it already long time ago :D V4.0 :DDDDD
    Im a fan of his too :D